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Patents whose numbers are in italics have been extended under 35 USC 156. All expiration dates include applicable Sec. 156 and pediatric (PED) extensions.
Products tagged as [GENERIC] have had a generic equivalent approved for at least one strength of the product.

NDA Applicant: GLAXO GRP LTD      NDA No.:
021433  Prod. No.: 003 RX (0.044MG/INH)
PatentsExpirationPatented Use
Pat. No. 7500444 DP* Actuation indicator for a dispensing device
Claim Types: Device
Pat. Sub. Date(s): 003: None
Aug 26, 2026 *PED 

DS*=Drug Substance and DP*=Drug Product: patent submitted for the product after Aug. 18, 2003.
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